Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spain is one week away.

Things are getting pretty exciting...this is the biggest trip Monica and I will have ever embarked on together.  In a way, it sort of signifies that we are we grown ups, even though I am never going to grow up.

We got some Euros in the mail yesterday. They came on a secure bank card. It's a little underwhelming because I was looking forward to holding fistfuls of foreign cash.  I wanted to strap them around my body like an awesome secret agent or something, but on second thought, the e-Euros were a good choice. I already have enough problems with airport security.

Monica has been busy gathering up last minute items and mapping out the itinerary.  That mean stress for her and no fun for me or Bradley.  Oh well, she's such a great planner, so her worries usually end up in my gain.  Well, hers too I suppose.

Oh, and I got some more Kohls cash that seems to regenerating itself.  They're like little gremlin coupons that keep sucking you back into that the mind-numbing store.  I could use a new pair of walking shoes, though. 

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