Monday, April 25, 2011

A Pre-trip Trip

We took a pre-trip trip to see my buddy Reza and his smoochie-doop, Samar.

They were in Fremont this weekend visting his mother, Mahnaz.  A couple of years ago, she found a new husband named Claude.  Their wedding was on a boat, and it was lovely and fancy.  I know because I was invited and was told bad things would to me happen if I did not show.  

Well, seeing how Claude is a pilot and enjoys flying his wife around in his 4-bucket plane, they were out we when showed up.  Us four kids were left to our own in a strange town for lunch.

Luckily, Samar and Reza, who are an app and interwebs savvy techno-super-couple, came to the rescue by zeroing in what has to be the best sushi restaurants ever to exist in a strip-mall.  It was a small joint, adjacent to a massive seafood mega center.  Good things were ahead.

MORE PICTURES from the weekend.  

This place should be famous for what is dubbed the "Godzirra" roll, which magically tasted like a corn-dog.   Seriously.  

Bradley pup was left back at the house to play with the resident dogs, Princess and Jerry.   Jerry was so excited to Bradley when we first showed up, that he took a dump in the living room.  Classic Jerry.

Once Mahnaz and Claude finally arrived back in town, we ditched the doggies once again and went out for dinner at probably the classiest Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto.  

It was a memorable day packed full of delicous asian dining.  I was so full by the end of it, I was ready to pull a Jerry. 

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