Thursday, May 5, 2011

Barca FC wins, all hell breaks loose!

So Barcelona Football Club advanced to the Champions League final by beating their rival Real Madrid.  We watched the game with a mixture of locals and euro-tourists in what must be the cleanest, friendliest heavy metal bar in the world.  

After game, we hung around in Las Ramblas (the main drag) a bit longer, but made back to the hotel before 1am.   There were plenty of people out in Las Ramblas following the game's finish, but I was a little surprised not to see the masses of craziness that I've come to expect from European football fans.

The next morning, however, I turned on the TV to find out that this is what happened a few hours after we left the scene:



Oh, well, at least we were safe, sound, and free from the sting of rubber bullets, to visit the Jean Miro museum on the next day.  

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