Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ciudad Grande, Barcelona!

Barrrrttthhhhhhhhaaaalona, as it's pronounced here, is cool bro.  It's kinda like San Francisco in a way, but much more intense with it's gothic quarters and Gaudi architecture.  Some of these buildings are so menacing, eery, and awestriking... that I'm glad I was able to wash a load of underwear yesterday. 

Pics up soon, but here's some glamour-shots and information in the meanwhiles. 

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier that there's an peculiar thing about hotel rooms here in Spain, possibily througout Europe.  There's a slot on the wall right next to the door where you're to insert your room key.  

Once you do, it activates the circuit breaker or something enabling the use of electricity.  Pull the key from the slot, and all lights, tv, hair curlers, and air conditioning immediately cut out.  It's useful in ensuring guests conserve energy, or a great way to annoying your wife when abruptly leaving the room.

Also, the toilets here are strange.  

They are all dual flush, plus they put a sink right next to them.  The baby sinks are small and cramped, and an akward place to wash your face, brush your teeth, shave, and use as a defacto drinking fountain.  


Well, off the mini-sink I go to freshen up.  Barcacelona is playing Real Madrid in a key Champions League match tonight.  For those not up par with world futbol, this is one of the biggest rivalries in one of the biggest tournaments for the biggest sport in the world.  Think Lakers versus the Celtics meets the Superbowl times ten.

We're going to the center of the city to find a place to watch the game.  It should be fun because we already saw the city rolling out their riot police vans to round up the herds of unruly Barca FC crazed masses.  

Go Barca Go!


  1. The little sink is for washing your butt not your face and it’s called Bidet.


  2. hahaha....did your Baba think you were serious! Americans use them instead as an ice chest to keep their beers cold!
    I done dids me some research.....

  3. Ice chests? Proof please.

  4. http://www.reidsguides.com/bh/hotels.html

  5. from the article:

    Some tourists wash out clothes or store fruit or beer in there, but I just think about what the European guests use the thing for and do my laundry in the sink.

    Told you!!!