Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jean Miro

Jean Miro is probably my favorite artist.  His use of colors and twisted simplicity have always amazed me to the point where I think, "wow, this dude's level of crazy was out there."  Yeah, I may not look like much, but I too can be a cultured appreciator of the fine arts in between making annoying noises and stupid puns.

Monica, the intrepid travel scout that she it, found the Jean Miro museum here in Barcelona.  It's located atop  the Olympic park, the same place where they held the wonderful '92 summer games.

They don't allow photos in the museum, but I saw a few people with their cameras out and decided to go into stealth mode.

Monica and I both knew Miro through his paintings, but his sculptures really had us captivated.... and laughing.  Check out the hover hand!

Barcelona has a really cool arts education program.  They bring tours of children, as young as kindergarten age, to the museum to learn, draw, and talk about what they see.  Some of the art is intense too, so it's really fascinating to see them being exposed to it at such a young age.  Bravo, Barcelona, Bravo.

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